Choosing your gecko

Let your light shine

A word about lighting…

We have been breeding geckos 25 years now.  In that time, we have tried many different brands and types of lighting.  We have mainly used fluorescent bulbs until recent LED technology has inspired us to switch over.  What is more important, full spectrum, specific UV spectrum for Vitamin D3 use, heat temperature, CRI (color-rendering index)?

We have always tried for a balanced spectrum with as close to natural sunlight full spectrum as possible.  At this point in time, we believe with Repcal with D3 supplementation the geckos seem to prefer a higher CRI.

On another note, some pictures on the website are old, and taken with old style lighting and older camera technology.  The quality is notably poorer but is included to illustrate a point.

The pictures with a plain background are taken in a light box with LED strips with CRI of 91.  The camera settings are such that the photo reflects most accurately what the eye sees.  We strive to send and post pictures that accurately reflect our animals.  Artificially enhancing our digital photos does nothing to build trust with our customers.  When you get your gecko home it should look like the photo we sent but do realize that different lighting and computer/tablet/phone screens can show slight differences.